Do Bees Eat Honey? The Birds AND The Bees Eat Honey!

Did you know that around 25,000 species of bees exist in the world today? About three-fourths of them are solitary, meaning that they don't live in colonies but instead burrow into the soil or other places. Very few of them make honey. So do bees eat honey? If they make it, they eat it. So what do other bees eat? And what else do bees make? We're going to explore everything about these sweet [...]

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How Long Do Crickets Live? The Amazing Cricket

Crickets have long been a fascinating insect to humanity as a whole since the beginning of their discovery in time. Depending on how we choose to perceive crickets and their many varieties has developed our initial approach to how long do crickets live? Generally, we have always heard crickets before we have ever seen them. Their sound is a soothing symphony to most of us everywhere we go in the warmer weather and, evenings [...]

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Cockatiel Lifespan: Everything You Need To Know Guide 2022

Cockatiel Lifespan: How long do cockatiels live? These highly intelligent little birds from Australia are a type of parrot. In the wild, they live in flocks, mate for life, and live 10 to 15 years. How long do cockatiels live in captivity as pets? The truth is that you have the power to extend their longevity by giving them special care. Read on and we’ll tell you about the longest cockatiel lifespan recorded so [...]

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Where Do Seagulls Sleep? Gulls Sleep In The Open

Seagulls are mysterious and beautiful birds floating on air currents as they call out with piercing mews. What are they saying? Where do they live? Come to think of it, where do seagulls sleep? In the imaginations of sailors and poets! Ever since humans began making boats to sail the seas, they've wondered where seagulls go when they fly so high and free. They find a safe, quiet spot to sleep at night, but [...]

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What Do Butterflies Eat? And How To Attract Them To Your Yard

Mariposa, Schmitter, Papillon; it doesn't matter how you say it or in what language you say it, butterflies are just plain fascinating and beautiful. If you have watched these lovely creatures flit about out in the wild or in your yard at home, you have probably wondered a lot about them, such as, "What Do Butterflies Eat?" How can you get more butterflies to come into your yard? How long do butterflies live? Where [...]

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