How Long Do Goats Live? 2 Guaranteed Factors

If you are considering keeping goats, you might be wondering 'How Long Do Goats Live'? It's a valid question, especially if you love goats and are thinking of starting and or raising your own herd. And secondly, if you hope to ensure the longevity and well-being of your 'kids', we'll give you some pointers. The question about goat lifespan is actually a complicated one, as not all goat breeds live the same length of [...]

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Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy? A Bunny’s Best Friend

Bok choy is something you don't hear a lot about unless you happen to eat a lot of Asian dishes. Commonly used as vegetable filler in Asian dishes for humans it may not have occurred to you to use it as food for your rabbit. You might even be wondering, "Can rabbits eat bok choy?" The simple answer is yes they can, but the more complex answer requires a bit of explanation. What Is [...]

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Palomino Horse: How To Identify A True Palomino

There are so many beautiful horses in the world, but very few can conjure up incredible equine fantasies quite like the golden Palomino horse. If you are old enough to remember Roy Rogers' horse Trigger, or Mr. Ed (another famous palomino horse), or the golden beauty that was Xena, Warrior Princess's beautiful horse, then you know exactly what these horses look like. What you may not know is the remarkable way in which these [...]

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How Long Do Horses Live In A Domestic Environment?

How long do horses live? This is a great question. I think it depends on what angle we decide to take to decipher the answer. If we look at history we'll find many accounts of an older horse living anywhere of up to almost 60 years of age. If we look at genetics and predisposition we might find some breeds tend to live longer than others. Or we might find that a horse's lifespan [...]

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Healthy As A Horse, It’s Not Just A Saying

Horses, to all outside appearances, generally look healthy, hence the saying, "Healthy As A Horse." They are big strong creatures and would seem to be immune to complexities. A savvy horse owner knows just how important health is to a horse's performance. But horses aren't just their performance. They, like us, are susceptible to injuries, pain, toxicity, and dis-ease. It can't go without saying that horses (and all our animals) are also susceptible to [...]

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