Animal Wellness Naturally

Hello and Welcome to Tips for Happy Tails! I hope you find valuable information here to care for your beloved animal friends. We also have breed-specific information on some of the more common pets people are choosing these days.

Tips for Happy Tails is here to share with you the tips, experience and wisdom learned over the years from working with many pets and animals. For instance, feeding your pet appropriately for its species, also called a specie-specific diet is absolutely foundational and will save you literally thousands of dollars in vet bills over the years. Keeping your pet’s immune system strong and giving them the proper nutritional supports for the time we live in is really like taking out an insurance policy.

Not only is proper nutrition essential but there are many methods to use to help our animals such as bodywork to help recover from injuries; flower essences to quell separation anxiety and integrating new members into the family. Herbs, minerals, homeopathy, and vibrational remedies can be used to reduce if not eliminate symptoms related to certain health conditions.