How Long Can Cats Go Without Water? When To Ask The Question

In this post, we'll explore the water needs of cats. Although dogs and cats are common animal companions, their needs are very different. How long can cats go without water? Not only are we going to answer that, but also explain how felines are able to use water even in the most inhospitable conditions.  There is not a cut and dry answer to this question because if you are feeding a fresh raw diet [...]

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How To Get Cat Pee Out Of The Couch: INSTANT Fix

Periuria! It's a little hard to say it but if you've lived with a cat, then you've likely encountered it. "Peri-" means "around" and "-uria" means "urination." Periuria refers to urination on your couch and other places instead of the cat box or outside. To answer your main query on "how to get cat pee out of the couch," we're going to give you some practical ACTION steps to take immediately. We are here [...]

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Are Spider Plants Toxic to Cats? BEST Cat Plants

Are spider plants toxic to cats? In spite of looking like long green cat toys bouncing in the air, the spider plant is safe for cats. In this post, we're going to talk about spider plants and cats as well as other houseplants. We're also going to show you how to grow a cat garden and even how to create a catio that you can enjoy together. What is a catio? Hint: it sounds [...]

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How Often Do You Take A Cat To The Vet? Complete Guide 2022

Presuming this means your cat as opposed to a cat . . . Excellent question ~ 'How Often DO You Take A Cat To The Vet'? This question begs a thorough, honest and compelling response. As not only an animal lover but an animal advocate with tremendous love and appreciation for the feline species, let's explore ~ rather the question, how often do you NEED to take a cat to the vet? This query [...]

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Savannah Cat Or Bengal Cat ~ Walking On The Wild Side

Savannah Cat Or Bengal Cat? What's the main difference between these two wilder-type cats? First, we are going to discuss the defining characteristics of the Savannah Cat followed by the uniqueness of the Bengal Cat. And finally, we'll do some comparisons of the two since they look similar but definitely have different temperaments and dispositions. The Savannah Cat If you were asked to name the largest domestic feline breed, what would you say? Most [...]

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