Can Dogs Eat Beets? How To Use Beets For Allergies, Liver Health & Immunity

Can dogs eat beets? Which kind of beets are you asking about? Red beets? Golden beets? Sugar beets? We're going to answer all those questions as well as many others. What's more, we're going to leave you singing -- wait and see! Are Beets Good for Dogs? In the wild, the wolf ancestors of dogs were not pure carnivores. Not only did they feed on the different kinds of prey they caught, but they [...]

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken? Bone Up On The Real Story!

Can dogs eat raw chicken? We all know that they CAN, so the real question is about feeding our dogs natural ingredients in a safe way. Is raw chicken GOOD for dogs? Before we answer your question, here's something to consider. You know that vegetables are good for you, right? And you know that potatoes are vegetables. Unfortunately, you also know that eating French fries every day is bad for you. So it is [...]

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Great Dane Lifespan: Complete Guide To A Long Life

How long do Great Danes live? Not long enough! The world would be a better place if there were more of these friendly, affectionate, playful, gentle giants. Although the average Great Dane lifespan is only 7-10 years, you have it within your power to add to it. And we're going to tell you all the ways you can do just that! Why Do People Love Great Danes? In addition to their comically expressive faces, [...]

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Bones? Why They Should!

Bones and dogs said in the same sentence have been a controversial topic ever since the inception of processed dog food. The purpose of this post is to dispel the myth that bones, raw bones to be specific, and raw chicken bones to be even more specific are not good for dogs. Quite the contrary. Read on to fully understand the answer to the question, "Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Bones?" You'll learn not [...]

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Can Dogs Eat Olives? Best Olives For Dogs & Medicinal Uses

Can dogs eat olives? If you have canine companions, then you know that dogs can eat about anything they want. They make a habit of trying at every chance they get! Maybe what you're really asking is, "Are olives okay snacks for dogs?" The short answer is yes. You asked the right question by asking about snacks. Olives pack a lot of nutrition, as we'll describe in a moment. They're tasty and filling, too, [...]

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