The Perfect Paint Horse

Paint horses, or pintos as they are often called, look as though they should be a horse of a darker color that accidentally met with a bucket of white paint. (Hence, the name "paint" horses.) There is so much about the paint horse you should know if the horse breed is of particular interest to you. Paint vs. Pinto Lingo Explained All American paint horses can be pintos, but not all pintos can be [...]

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Poetry in Motion The Clydesdale Horse

Every year during SuperBowl, people who love horses await the famed Budweiser commercials. Why? Because these commercials almost always feature the recognizable and beautiful Clydesdale horses. While most people admire these large draft horses for their beautiful coloring, feathered feet, and graceful movement, they really don't know that much about this horse breed at all. To really appreciate this draft horse and what it's currently going through, you have to really get to know [...]

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In the Company of a Mustang Horse

If you like or even love horses, there is a good chance that you have heard of the wild mustang horses. A mustang horse, or simply mustang, is one of the last surviving vestiges of the Old West. These wild horse herds have been running wild and free in the Western half of the United States, from Wyoming and Colorado to California, for over three hundred years. The original horses were Iberian horses brought [...]

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Percheron: The French Gentle Giant

The Percheron horse is the French answer to the Scottish Clydesdale and the British Shire horse. Like many other of the draft breed, this particular horse breed has its own unique features and history. They often grow to be quite large, yet they are very docile in nature and have a calm temperament. Whether you are just interested in heavy draft horses, or you are interested in knowing everything there is to know about [...]

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